Keeping the faith
Shirley and Mel eventually moved out to Australia (Mel was born in Melbourne) where they still live happily with their little dog! It’s a great pity that neither Shirley nor Mel pursued their musical career after emigrating. Mel’s first instrument is the Tenor Banjo, which he still plays occasionally and he has a small collection of vintage instruments by Vega and Epiphone. (find him on YouTube) Shirley is always busy! Although in recent years has suffered with ill health she remains very focussed and positive at all times.
Brian and his dear wife have moved to the USA, Janene’s homeland where Brian now a flying instructor since retiring from the record industry.
As for John – He still play's in his three-piece band occasionally + has taken to doing solo gigs around his area! He married long-term partner Jo nine years ago (How does she put up with him?) and can see no reason to stop performing in the foreseeable future.
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