The end is nigh!
Guitarists on the ‘I don’t want to know’ session were ‘Big Jim’ Sullivan and Judd Proctor. The drummer on many of the Philips recordings was Dougie Wright. The late Ronnie Verrel played drums on the ‘Only once’ session. Kiki Dee was one of two back-up singers on the ‘And I don’t want your love’ session. Andrew Pryce-Jackman (vocal and orchestral arranger ‘Touch the wind’) later went on to write the orchestral arrangements for many top artistes plus the 1978 ‘Classic Rock’ hit album + the further nine albums. Sadly died on 16/8/03 aged 57.

In Feb/March '67 we were out on a tour for Players Number 6 cigarettes in ‘The Big Gold 6 Band Show’ (hmmm). (We got a trip around the factory in Nottingham and free fags during the tour, we didn’t smoke)! The tour covered many areas of the country including the south coast, Portsmouth etc. Birmingham area, Manchester area and Yorkshire. It was after a show at The Pier Club in Hull on the 9th March that we all piled into The Skylight Ballroom only to find an unknown band playing, it was The Jimi Hendrix Experience!!

During a stint in the Newcastle area, as we had done many times, in late October of ’67 the agent called to say we had a TV show to do. Fabulous we said. It’s in Madrid he said! So we did our normal two shows then at 1.10 am we were boarding a train to London arriving at 6.30. Caught the flight to Spain then went to bed! Did the TV show singing both sides of the new record ‘And I don’t want your love’ and 'There go the heartaches'. Drove to the airport and headed home at 9pm. The following day we boarded a ‘sleeper’ for Newcastle where we did two shows again that night! Well-planned Mr Eubank! What carbon footprint!

Whilst working at The Roadside Inn, St. Andrews in Malta February 1968 the house band, The Joe Farr Band sang a song each night called ‘Gli occhi miei’. We loved it and asked the girl singer for the details. It turned out it had been an entry in the San Remo song festival that year. We went to the local music store in Sliema to buy the sheet music and the record by Wilma Goich. Having learned it ‘parrot fashion’ in Italian it was then included in our stage act. Upon our return to the UK we took the song to the publisher with English lyrics written by Richard Bagnall hoping they would OK them and for us to record the song. A couple of weeks later we returned to the office of Gordon Mills only to be told, "you can record the song if you like but with lyrics by Jack Fishman and oh, by the way, it’s going to be Tom Jones’ next single, ‘Help yourself"!! So, when the album was at the planning stage we decided to include it, IN ITALIAN!! Ya boo Gordon, no royalties that time! God rest him.

Whilst one is tempted to add more and more dates and anecdotes from way back when, we feel enough is most definitely enough for now!

We would love to hear from anyone who remembers us, like soprano Maggie Moore, singers Sheila Deni & June Richie. Contortionist and singer, Susie Bramley, any members of the Maori Castaways, The Microns and The Other Brothers. Singer Peter Brent. Our old bass player Tony Bailey etc

THANK YOU FOR VISITING US! Your comments on the site would be most appreciated.

"I've been a lot of places in my life and time. I've sung alot of songs, I made some bad rhyme. I've acted out my love on stages, with ten thousand people watching but we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you." (Leon Russell)
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